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The Tactical Development Group is comprised of experienced Operators from Special Forces, NAVSPECWAR, and Federal Law Enforcement. They teach core weapon handling and tactical skills honed during years spent deployed around the world. These skills are tailored to the specific needs of the student, whether the legally armed Citizen, LEO, or Soldier.

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  • D-Day

    Welcome to the Pro Shop!

    After years of telling students that the store would be open in a few weeks, we're finally here. WayoftheGun.com will be offering our own gear and training as well as the kit we use at work and on the range. All of our courses and bios are still available at the Tactical Development Group page.


    We are also adding some new instructors to our roster. Their bio's will be up soon and we'll be integrating them into our classes moving forward. Mike McCarthy is a Physician Assistant with a background in Emergency Medicine and Surgery. Mike currently provides Tactical Medical Support for one of our regional SWAT Teams and is an accomplished shooter. Rich Salve is an 18-D medical sergeant with multiple combat deployments in Afghanistan. He currently works as a Firefighter/Paramedic and is completing his RN.

    Rich and Mike will add years of experience and depth of to our knowledge base.

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